The Orb of Onaris

The Orb of Onaris

(Book 1 of The Necromancer)

The land is dying. The dead are rising.

An ancient evil thought to have been eradicated by the eseleens over eleven millennia ago is spreading death across the continent of Emaria. The Archaeo Council sent two scores of their wizards to combat this evil, only to lose most of them. Then they sent the Necromancer leader to fight these living dead, but he has not returned.

Reluctantly, the Council summons the outcast Necromancer, Victor. A Necromancer who destroyed towns and villages, murdering thousands of people over five hundred years ago. A Necromancer who is just as likely to end the world as he is to save it. But what choice do they have?

Jason Akana

Jason Akana is from the biggest little city in the world, located in the enchanting desert under the Sierra Nevada mountain range’s watchful gaze. Our hero first traveled to the Far East, where he trekked the Great Wall of China and entered the Forbidden City.

From there, he ventured to the old world, where he explored castles, an eagle’s nest, and a place where the hills came alive with the sound of music. Yearning for more, he traversed the Fjords of Norway, climbed through the Pyramids of Egypt, and crossed the Valley of the Moon.

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